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For over 45 years, thousands of satisfied, repeat customers have been trusting their repairs to us. Over 20 major insurance companies have selected RAB as an authorized Direct Repair Provider. Our credibility with insurers eliminates the need for multiple estimates. Impeccable workmanship, advanced technology and a virtual obsession with customer service have made RAB the first choice of customers and insurance companies alike.


If you plan on paying for repairs yourself, we understand that price is going to be a primary focus for you. Our experts will take the time to review a repair plan and recommend options specifically designed to save you money. This can be done without sacrificing quality or the safety of the repair.


RAB uses Autowave’s unique waterborne basecoat system that eliminates lead, solvents, and other heavy chemicals. Exclusive super dispersion technology allows colors to cover with less material. Autowave is renowned for its extreme clarity to allow the color to shine through. It is VERY durable and the final finish is renowned for its “wet-like look.”

RAB is committed to a quality final finish. Contaminants that land on your paint such as dirt, lint, etc. will destroy a good looking paint job from the inside out over time. Our clean facility and process assures that your finished product looks great and is free from contaminants.

When we are finished, your car will look great and it will be backed by our very own guarantee.



For years, customers have trusted RAB to provide affordable repairs. If you need to make a claim through your insurance company, RAB works with nearly every major insurance carrier. We’ll coordinate with the insurance companies involved, schedule an appointment for your car to be inspected, and provide free shuttle service while we make your repairs. RAB’s service and repairs are certified. We use original manufacturer parts, adhere to factory specs, and provide precision assembly to expertly repair your car so it looks and drives like it did before the accident.



RAB offers unparalled value to customers at a reasonable price. Our volume allows for the most reasonable costs and the savings are evident in our estimates. Of course accuracy, attention to the finest detail and our warranty make us first choice in the Racine area.


RAB offers a lifetime warranty on all structural repairs. This means that all materials that RAB uses in the repair of structural panels are warranted for the life of your ownership of the vehicle.


RAB provides you with our convenient shuttle service while your vehicle is in our shop.

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