Sikkens Finishes

RAB and Sikkens bring together a top-quality car repair system that produces a superb finished result and guaranteed product performance.

At RAB we use only the best paints and paint matching systems on the market. Precision color matching is provided by Sikkens Automotive Finishes, from Akzo Nobel, and is recognized as the the best in the auto body refinish industry. Sikkens is the world leader in automotive finishes with over 200 years experience of producing the best coatings. Any vehicle produced in the world today can be provided with a perfect color match with the Sikkens computerized matching system used by RAB.

When RAB applies Sikkens Autocoat BT, it gives your car a high gloss and an excellent depth of color. Durability tests show that even after many years, our colors still look brand new.

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